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The pearl of the Black Sea, the mythical port linked to the history of France: A blend of mediterranean warmth and Jewish humor, Odessa occupies a special place in the heart of Russians and Ukrainians. It is a cosmopolitan city on the seashore, eternally young and very lively, especially in summer. In the eighteenth century, Catherine II wanted to create in the south of her empire on the shores of the Black Sea, the equivalent of St Petersburg . The city still retains many charms that will seduce you.

To sleep: to stay at hotel or apartment of Odessa?

As in all cities of Ukraine at the station, the babushkas (old women) will meet you with announces "sdam komnatu" that means a room at their house. There are many hotels in Odessa, prices vary and are quite high in the city center. hotel odessa ukraine, odessa hotel, hotels odessa, hotel odessa, odessa ukraine hotel, hotel in Odessa. The best time to go to Odessa: April to June, prices of hotels and apartments are still reasonable and the weather is pleasant. 

Hotels 3 to 4 * Chiornoie More Rishilievskaya st. 59, Palladium Italianskiy boulevard, 4 Aivazovskiy Bunina st., 19 Odeskiy Dvorik Uspenskaia, 19 

Prepare your voyage odessa and your vacations Odessa in advance apartment odessa, it's a garanty to rent a modern apartment for cheap.

To eat: restaurants at Odessa

Within a few recent years, restaurants and cafes abound in Odessa: prices often modest, suitable for anyone. Most restaurants are located in the historic center (Deribasovskaya street, Sadovaya Street, Puschkinskaya Street).

Tourism Odessa 

Opera :
A true wonder of the bourgeois city. Anyone must see the show!
Potemkin Stairway
The grand staircase leading from the Primorsky Boulevard down to the port, immortalized in Eisenstein's "Battleship Potemkin". It offers a remarkable view on the sea
Religious monuments of Odessa
To visit the Uspensky  monastery, built in 1824, the Church of Saint Mary Magdaleine, the synagogue and muslim mosque
Promenade in he older part of the city
From the street of Deribasovskaya to Primorskiy Boulevard, the best way to discover the city is to stroll into the center and its narrow streets with its architecture more Mediterranean than Russian, strongly influenced by French and Italian styles.
The factory of brandy of Odessa
The oldest factory of this kind in Ukraine, built in 1863. Later, it was managed by the family of the famous Russian manufacturer Shustov, whose firm had a few factories in the Russian Empire.
The market of Odessa that's without a doubt the most famous place at Odessa for foreigners. The largest market of foods in the Eastern Europe.

Odessa beaches

The city lies along the bay of Odessa. The harbor of cruises and merchants is located in the city center. From the street Kanatnaya (15 min. by foot away from the stairs of Potiemkin) there are a large green park and beaches that stretch for several miles to the west. The most beautiful beaches with fine natural sand: Arcadia (7 km from downtown to the west) and Louzanovka.

The coast of Odessa is available for swimming except the port. Langeron (closest to the center), Otrada, Delfin, Chkalov, Arkadia. These are pebble beaches but they are often put sand to make swimming more enjoyable. In contrast, Arkadia beach and all the tracks left in the center are covered with natural sand. Note that on the beach Chkalov a part is reserved for nudists. Otherwise it is called the "wild beach", to highlight its original features (the roller and not sand) with a natural spring that flows into the sea

Parties: night clubs and night life Odessa

The night life of Odessa Guide Odessa by night

It is at Arcadia that you find the best clubs "Ibiza" and "Itaka", that are outdoors and are very animated every day of the week. Spectacular growth of the nightlife in the past two years with many clubs in the city. The clubs of Odessa regularly attract the top international DJ's.
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