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You've decided to come to see us in Ukraine: you'll probably arrive via Kiev or Odessa. From there you can get to Crimea: SevastopolEvpatoriaYalta by train or by plane. You also have a possibility to travel via Istanbul to arrive directly to Simferopol. In Crimea all the roads lead to Simferopol. While getting from one town to another, the administrative capital is inevitable.

It is useful to know before your trip:

Formalities of entrance and stay in Ukraine

Owners of passport of countries of European Union (except Bulgaria et Romany) are not obliged to have visa... For those who do not have a passport of mentioned countries, we assist you for your visa in case of your journey to Ukraine. All foreigners for the period of their stay in Ukraine must be covered with the medical insurance. 
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Get by plane in Ukraine

The possibilities to get to Ukraine are numerous but the fastest is still a plane! To get to Kiev or to Odessa or Crimea, there is nothing more simple with our advice, tours and low cost tickets for departures from Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Geneva, Brussels. A lot of airlines serve Ukraine and Crimea, and there exists an exclusive discount of Ukraine international airlines for our clients.
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Travel by train in Ukraine

Even if it's habitual for you to travel by train, here it's a real adventure, an experience that will give you good memories. Trains are numerous and circulate every day between the main cities of country but very often the tickets are sold out in advance. A train is the most economic mean of transport to use in Ukraine. Club Ukraine offers train tickets Kiev Odessa, Kiev Simferopol, Kiev Sebastopol, Odessa Simferopol.
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Travel by car in Ukraine

We advise you to take a plane for Ukraine, more economic (if you are not three or four people for the trip), more sure and much faster. In some countries, to pass you should buy a special label for driving. The time that you spend at the borders may be long or very long. In Ukraine practically all the signs (if they are...) are written in Cyrillic. The roads are dilapidated looking like these of ancient centuries! Ukrainians drive rather bad, too fast and not respecting the rules. Tolerance for alcohol is zero. For those who really want to come by car we can recommend the best route.
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Formalities of entrance and stay in Ukraine