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Sevastopol (Crimea), with its southern charm and rich heritage, is an original destination that still remains a mystery for many Westerners. The city of Sevastopol was closed to foreigners until 1996 ... The south coast of Crimea has a Mediterranean climate, rather warm and soft. It is very pleasant to stroll downtown at the quay and along the shaded avenues, where cadets and Navy officers in uniform compete with stylish Russian  and Ukrainian girls' charm. It is difficult not to "fall in love" with Sevastopol. Your rest in Crimea, formerly the  resort of the Russian aristocracy, enables you to discover an attractive country, with unique cultural heritage and variety of stunning landscapes. The city, animated in summer, is very pleasant and won't leave one indifferent. It hosts the naval base of the Russian fleet of the Black Sea. Sevastopol has the long heroic history, and is famous for its resistance during the Crimean War and the Second World War. These events are commemorated throughout the city with many monuments. Do not forget to take a boat trip in the bay and visit the Cathedral of St. Vladimir.

Please consult travel advice Sebastopol (Russia) for the most accurate, up-to-date information relevant to your travel to Sebastopol.

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Sevastopol tourism: city attractions



  • Boat trip in the bay
  • The ruins of Chersonese, ancient Greek colony, world heritage of UNESCO, founded in 421 BC
  • St. Vladimir's Cathedral, which dates from the nineteenth century
  • Panorama Museum, replaying the siege of the city during the Crimean War
  • Inkerman Monastery, built on a cliff, whose foundations date from the eighth century and the visits of the cellars
  • Prokovski Cathedral (centre of the city)
  • Balaklava first the Genoese port then Soviet secret base

CHERSONESSE ancient greek colony founded in 421 B.C., world heritage of UNESCO

We know that the Greeks in the 11th century BC, traveled the Mediterranean and the Adriatic in order to implement the counters. But we often ignore that in this movement of Greek colonization, the Black Sea was also affected, probably from the late eighth century. In Crimea, Chersonese is the site to witness this history. The best preserved greek settlements are Theodosia (Feodosia) Panticapaeum (Kerch). Within the borders of the Hellenic world, the Greeks founded the richest cities like Chersonese and Chersonesos of Taurica near modern Sevastopol. The city soon began to flourish. Chersonesos site is now within the city of Sevastopol, Crimea (Ukraine). It is situated on the shore of the Black Sea. It used to be an important commercial center of the Byzantine Empire, then in 988 it was occupied by the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir Sviatoslavitch who requested baptism, founding act of the Christianization of all the Russias. To see: the Cathedral of St. Vladimir.

You can get to Sebastopol (pronounced as Sevastopol by the locals) by train. All trains Kiev Sevastopol pass through the railway station of Simferopol. They ride all the year long but are most numerous in summer. From the bus station of Sebastopol you can reach many towns in Crimea: Yalta, Sudak, Evpatoria, Simferopol and other cities on the seaside by marshrutka (local minibuses). It is more complicated to get to Kazantip but it is not a problem, if you have booked your Kazantip tour with us. We will pick you up at the railway station of Sebastopol.
Your trip to Sebastopol will be faster by air (IATA airport code: UKS) than by train. The flight time Kiev Sevastopol: approximately 1h30. In the airport you will find the public transport only to get to downtown (mind minimum 30 minutes). If you do not want to take public transport, the taxis are waiting. The tarifs are very high especially in summer. The cheapest is to have a transfer, booked in advance.
The only company that offers regular daily flights Kiev Sebastopol is Dniproavia. Unfortunately their website is not very understandable and only a few travel agencies will offer you this company. Moreover - the Airport of Sebastopol does not have a website!
The easiest and the cheapest way to reach Sebastopol is to take a flight to Simferopol with the Ukraine International Airlines offering two daily flights from April to October: one in the morning and one in th evening to / from airport Kiev Borispol (Boryspil). The website of Kiev airport is also available in English. Ukraine International Airlines offers numerous connections including Simferopol Paris, Nice Simferopol Simferopol Geneva, Brussels Simferopol and also Marseille Simferopol or Toulouse Simferopol and Lyon Simferopol.
Turkish Airlines also offers daily flights to Simferopol from Istanbul with connections to many cities in Europe including Paris, Lyon, Toulouse (summer only) and Nice.
The low cost airline Wizz Air offers in summer two daily flights from / to Kiev. Attention from the March 27, 2011 the company will operate in Kiev only from / to Kiev airport Zhulyany (IATA airport code IEV). International flights (including Ukraine International) continue to arrive to Borispol (IATA Airport Code: KBP). Wizzair may no longer be the best option to go to Simferopol if you arrive first by an international flight.
Aerosvit offers several daily flights between Simferopol and Kiev but tickets are more expensive then with UIA.
Trains from many cities of Ukraine and Russia arrive at the station in Sebastopol. Make sure to bring food and drinks because the trip is very long. The official site of the train company in Ukraine is available only in Ukrainian. No online booking of train tickets. We offer train tickets Kiev Simferopol or train tickets Odessa Simferopol.
You can also arrive to Sebastopol by car from Europe ... but that is very long. Don't forget to bring a good map of Ukraine.

Install at Sebastopol and its vicinity

Public transport is cheap but without speaking Russian it will be difficult for you to use the most popular means of transport : marshutka. The ride within the town costs only 2.0 hryvnia (UAH) that is about 20 cents. The only alternative to a foreigner is a taxi. Taxis waiting in the street do not use counters, on the countary to the taxis that they call by phone. Negotiate the price before boarding the taxi. It is difficult to communicate with drivers who do not speak English or any other foreign language. To move in Sebastopol will cost you between 30 to 50 hryvnias or may be a little more for the foreigners ...

To see in Sebastopol

Sebastopol is certainly one of the most interesting cities of Crimea, along with Evpatoria they become the most animated cities for partying from May to September. It is a university town and a holiday town where they use any reason to have a party. You will meet beautiful girls here. The three essential places in downtown where you will meet your appointment: it's McDonald's! It is impossible  to tell you in a few words everything you should not miss at Sebastopol. Do not forget to take a boat trip in the bay and visit the Cathedral of St. Vladimir. Sevastopol also has a long heroic history, and is famous for its resistance during the Crimean War and the Second World War. These events are commemorated throughout the city with many monuments.
A mysterious past of Balaklava, ancient genoise port... former base of soviet submarines
Balaklava hasn't yet given up all its secrets. During a long time the the inhabitants of Balaklava, a small charming port, guarded by genoise tours of XIII century, were not sure about what was happening in the underground factory of the bay. The village on the shore of the Black sea, just a few cables away from Sevastopol, disappeared from maps in 1957! Nowadays it's possible to walk over the sinister galleries with a personal guide. This visit will enlighten some curious moments of the past of mysterious "Facility 825", the secret complex that used to be a base of soviet submarines of the Black sea fleet.
Inkerman, its monastery and its caves...
By 1850, a Russian orthodox monastery was built near the cliff; it was destroyed during the Soviet period, but then rebuilt and it restarted its activity. One of the biggest centres of production of wine of Crimea is located here since 1961. Vineyards are situated in the vicinity of Sevastopol and in the southern part of the Crimea. The ageing of wine takes place in cellars done up in the limestone whith a total underground square over  more than 50 000 m2. 
The museum of Panorama, reproducing the siege of the city during the Crimean war
It reconstructs the main episodes of the battle for Sevastopol during the Crimean war.

Activities at and around Sebastopol

In winter the weather is milder than in the rest of Ukraine. Clubbing is the most interesting activity in winter, the parties are numerous and the clubs are very animated. But be attentive, because you may fall in love with the city ... We recommend you the club and in summer the discotheques in the Omega quarter.
The spring is the best season here: the downtown terraces bloom with flowers, Sebastopol is really the mediterranean city. It is the best time to discover the Crimea and Sevastopol!

Shopping in Sebastopol

Credit cards are accepted in most shops in the city. You'll find a lot of exchange offices and ATMs, but in the market or outside the center you can pay in cash only.

Dining: restaurants in Sebastopol

At Sebastopol try your best to eat fish with a good white wine from the Crimea in a restaurant in the center. And for your evening parties a good local vodka with a fruit platter is the best choice.

There are many restaurants in this town. In summer it is even advisable to book if you want to eat outside. 

Sleeping: to accomodate in Sebastopol's hotel or apartment?

Right near the railway station they will offer you to rent a room for one or more nights. The accommodations are often unhealthy and far from the centre of the city. There are few hotels, but they are not enough for a city of a growing tourism: the hotels "Ukraina" (or "hotel Ukraine") and  "Sevastopol" are the best known. The best compromise is to rent an apartment in Sebastopol from 35 euros per night from the owner. A rental of a luxury apartment will cost you two times cheaper than the hotel, but with equal comfort of accomodation. In summer we recommend the hotel on the seashore with pool, sauna and gym.

Nightlife: night clubs at Sebastopol

At Sevastopol the nightlife is tremendous every day of the week. Sebastopol is primarily a port: the feast is synonymous with drinking a lot of beer and vodka. There are many clubs and bars in Sebastopol that work all the year long. From cheap and simple ''zabegalovki" if you want to experience a return to the Soviet era with a few tables and plastic chairs, where the waitress smiles once a year and vodka is incredibly cheap. But you will certainly feel more comfortable sitting in one of the the ultra-modern clubs where young women are competing every year. Everything is very civilized and you'll have no problem. It is necessary to think about your security. To accompany your drink order some "zakuski" and offer a bottle of local champagne (it won't kill you) to the most beautiful girl of the evening. The hardest quest is to choose one. The clubs are open until 5 o'clock in the morning. From techno to the Russian pop music through electro, the sound is very variable.

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Night clubs & disco : nightlife at Sebastopol

Discotheques Sebastopol

Night club "МАЯК" (Katcha)

Bar (Sevastopol)

Beach Club ХОРОШО (Sevastopol)

Bowling  "ТУРБИНА" (Sevastopol)

Plage "Summer Time" (Sevastopol)

Aquaparc, Club "Зурбаган" (Sevastopol) - official site of the club www.zur.com.ua

OM Cafe (Sevastopol) - official site of the club www.om-cafe.com.ua

Lounge cafe «GELIOS» (Sevastopol)

 Night club «PAPILLON» (Sevastopol)

Club «STUDIO 41» (Sevastopol)

Club «Premier» (Sevastopol)

Коктейль-холл «В облаках» (Sevastopol)

Night club «ASIA» (Sevastopol) 

Night club «911» (Sevastopol)

Night club «ZEPPELIN» (Sevastopol)

Night club «Звёздный Ильяс» (Sevastopol)

Club «Уругвайский лётчик» (Sevastopol)

Club «Ультра» (Sevastopol)

Club «Волна» (Sevastopol)