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Visit Odessa

To make the most of your visit to Odessa and surrounding, we suggest you to take one of the organized shore excursions. To help you discover this legendary city, we would like to offer you excusions to Odessa accompanied by our English-speaking tour guides. Half day and full day excursions tailor-made to discover Odessa during your Black Sea cruise

In Odessa and its surroundings you can visit:

The Museum of Fine Arts (half-day) 

Odessa Opera House

The Potemkin Steps

Monument to Alexander Pushkin 

Duke de Richelieu Monument

Monument to Catherine the Great

Primorsky boulevard

Shevchenko Park

Catacombs and the Museum of Partisan Glory

The Savior Transfiguration Cathedral

Odessa Synagogue

Vorontsov Palace

Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra

Deribasovskaya street

We can offer you some other excursions in Odessa and its surroundings and organize an excursion according to your preferences.

  • Odessa museums:
    • Odessa Archeological Museum 
    • Odessa Museum of the Heroic Defence (411th Battery)
    • Alexander Pushkin Museum
    • Bleschunov Municipal Museum
    • Odessa Military History Museum
    • Odessa Local History Museum
    • Odessa Literature Museum
    • Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art
    • Odessa Museum of Modern Art
    • Odessa Nicholas Roerich House-Museum
    • Odessa Jewish Museum
    • Odessa Numismatics Museum
  • Religion: temples, synagogues, monasteries and churches of Odessa:
    • Cathedral of the Dormition
    • Holy Trinity Cathedral
    • St. Panteleimon Cathedral
  • Historical buildings and monuments of Odessa:
    • Odessa railway
    • Odessa City Council
    • Statue of Atlas holding the celestial sphere
    • Monument to José de Ribas 
    • Vorontsov Monument
    • Leonid Utyosov Monument
    • Monument to Isaac Babel 
    • Monument to the "Wife of Seaman"
    • Monument to the aunt Sonya
    • Golden Child Sculpture
  • Odessa squares, avenues and streets:
    • Odessa Passage
    • Pushkin Street
    • French Boulevard
  • Odessa parks and gardens:
    • Odessa City Garden
  • Also in Odessa:
    • Odessa Circus
    • Odessa Beaches and Clubs of Arcadia
    • Odessa One Hall House
    • Odessa port
  • In the surroundings of Odessa:
    • Danube Delta in Vilkovo
    • Belgorod
    • Otchakov (Otchakiv  Ukraine) and Suvorov Museum
    • Tiraspol (Transnistria)
    • Nikolaev
    • Kherson

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Odessa shore excursion City tour, the museum of fine arts, etc. (full day)

Odessa shore excursion City tour and the museum of fine arts (half day)

Odessa shore excursion City tour and catacombs

Odessa shore excursion Palaces

Odessa shore excursion Opera

Odessa shorex black sea cruise