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also known as Russian Lvov or Polish Lwow. Welcome to this charming city and its remarkably preserved architecture. About 470 km from the capital Kiev, Lviv is the slavonic city but his soul is European. Centre of the Ukrainian art and culture, the city can be proud with its numerous museums, art galleries, theaters and churches. But people here do not forget to party. Bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes are also here. Lviv has had a turbulent history. Under the rule in turn of Poland, Sweden, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Lviv is Ukraine.The city prepares to welcome guests from all over the Europe.
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How to get to Lviv?


By bus

At the bus station, buses run regularly between the cities of Krakow and Warsaw in Poland, the close neighbor of Lviv.

By car

The foreign cars are permitted in Ukraine for a maximal duration of 60 days. A vehicle must  be insured for driving on the territory of Ukraine.

By plane

The international airport of Lviv (IATA code LWO) has a small quantity of international flights : from Warsaw and Vienne. You should probably transit by Kiev and take a domestic flight to Lviv. The airport is situated just in 3 km from centre.

By train

The train is probably the best way to get to Lviv. At the railway station you will probably feel yourself less disoriented than at any other station in Ukraine. Lviv probably does is a little more used to seeing westerners.

To move in Lviv and surroundings you have a choice of traditional marchroutka (minrbus) or a trolley bus or a tramway.

Hotels at Lviv

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To visit at Lviv

Arsenal: The stone two-storeyed building was built in the 14th century, but was not completed until 1555. After nearly two centuries of toil this original structure was completely destroyed by fire after only 16 years of operation, and the contemporary building was built in its place from 1574 to 75. When the Swedes invaded in 1704 the Arsenal has taken a hit, but all the holes have been fixed in two years. In the 18th and 19th centuries the Arsenal was refortified and lost some of its original forms. More recently, two upper floors have been restored and now there is a museum. Some outside parties have been excavated to reveal the original walls, windows and roof. The distinctive defensive trench  was also preserved. Throughout its history the Arsenal was used as the defensive pillar of Lviv. The swords forged in Lviv have won the reputation of being among the best in Europe. In the 18th century, the Arsenal was also used as a prison. It is here that the Polish authorities imprisoned haydamaks, Ukrainian peasants rebel against tyranny in Poland.

Chorna Kamianytsia (black stone house): This unique architectural monument of the 16th to 17th centuries is unique not only in Lviv, but throughout Europe. The construction of this attractive building has begun in 1588 of gray sandstone, locally mined. The black color is a product of long-term absorbtion of stone dust, dirt and smoke that swirled in the market (they used coal to heat houses till the 1960s). The name Black Stone House was not always applied, it was previously known as the Stone House in Kiev or Doctor's Stone House. In 1926, the building was purchased by the city and a branch of the Historical Museum of Lviv was soon established there.

Ratusha (City Hall): The first City Hall was established on Ploscha Rynok (Market Square) in the mid 14th century. Built of wood, it was destroyed by fire in 1381. A new hall was built in the early 15th century. The contemporary building is a conglomerate structure of the 15th century and three major expansions. The stone tower that hovers over the room is the second of its kind. The original was built in 1619, but from the early 19th century it was considered unstable and demolished. The replacement of 65 meters of height is a replica of the original. Take your time, it's 306 steps to the observation platform. In 2008, a local pornographer boldly used the City Hall roof as a background for photos that were splashed across the Internet. This embarrassment led local authorities to implement stricter security measures, including installation of surveillance cameras. Smile ... you are being watched by a Cop of Ukrainian security.

Italiys'kyi dvoryk (Italian Court): This romantic hotspot is located in the Kornjakt Palace on Rynok. Lvivians, visitors of the Palace Museum and random pedestrians are magnetically attracted to this oasis of outdoor cafes. Completely dissociated from the complex on the outside, cut stone and shaded balconies give a smell of the Italian Renaissance. The soft music and delicious flavors make it a truly special experience. If everything looks familiar, you've probably already seen the court in the many local and foreign films scenes shot here. The concerts are often staged here, the court is known for its amazing acoustic resonance.

Palats Kornjakta (Palace of King John III Sobieski): This is a unique monument of the Renaissance of Ukraine, one of the few existing in Ukraine, and is the largest building on the market. Until late 16th century the area of the palace was occupied by two small buildings, which were bought by a Greek merchant named Constantine Kornjakt. He then ordered the reconstruction of both houses into a grand new building. Fragments of the oldest structures were retained and include Gothic Hall (one sample of unparalleled Gothic influence on Lviv) and support cross beams that hold the third floor ceiling. After the death of Kornjakt, the house was taken over by Jakub Sobieski, the father of the future King John III of Poland. This time the house served as the royal residence. In 1634, the residence was occupied for a short period by Wladyslaw IV, the Polish winner occupying Moscow and seized the crown of Russie.The Polish-Russian Treaty of Eternal Peace was signed at the palace in 1686. Since 1908, the building houses a museum. One of the most brilliant exhibitions of museums of the world, Royal Chambers, can be found here.

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