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Welcome to our site ukrainevoyage.com inbound tour operator, the destination specialist to ukraine for over 10 years. We help you plan your trip to Ukraine: tailor-made tours, special interest tours, small group tours etc. We offer a highly responsive customer service and great travel ideas.

Ukrainian company owned by foreign national, with foreign staff living permanently in Ukraine and ukrainian staff, we like to think that we are different. Our English-speaking staff will help you to book your package, answer your questions and ensure technical assistance. Every year we ensure the stays of hundreds of holiday makers who come in Ukraine from all over the world. What is more, we offer the best balance of quality and price.

Ukraine is a great mystery for lots of people, plus there exist numerous stereotypes. This country has a lot to offer to the tourists. We are not the only ones who have been convinced. Lonely Planet, the best-selling tourist guide in the world, last year named Ukraine among the three best touristic destinations to visit. From its magnificent сapital Kiev passing the marvellous city of Odessa, the trumps are numerous.

Here are amazing places you should visit.

Visit Kiev

The capital of the country is filled with the best museums in the Country. Kiev is full of public parks. Nighlife is vibrant. A incredible travel experience awaits you. Be among the visitors taking in the experience of seeing Kiev now !
Kiev apartments
We offer numerous Kiev tours with our english-speaking guides (or our Spanish / Italian-speaking guides) all year round. 

Visit Odessa 

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We offer numerous excursions in Odessa with our English-speaking guides (or our Spanish / Italian-speaking guides) all year round. Benefit from your stop in Odessa during your Black Sea cruise for visiting Odessa. Group tours in Ukraine allow to discover Odessa on the Black sea shores.
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You are looking for an apartment in Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv or Karkiv in Ukraine? We offer you full board package that corresponds to all the desires concerning discovery of the Ukraine and also the budget you have. You will take full advantage of the trip from the packages that are dedicated to Ukraine for 100%. 

Our best offers for the tour in Ukraine are :

KIEV (the capital, its tourist assets and clubbing) with rental of apartments in Kiev

ODESSA (Ukrainian St Tropez. Historical city, clubbing) with rental of apartments in Odessa

As well as apartments in SIMFEROPOL (capital of the Crimea) , SEVASTOPOL , YALTA, DONETSK

We offer booking train tickets in Ukraine

Where are you going to spend your following weekend or your following vacation? 

We offer you a weekend Kiev or a weekend Odessa, tours in the Crimea and skiing in Carpatshiking, mountain biking, the wine routes, discovering cultural heritage, cruises on the Dnieper, etc. Ukrainevoyage.com also offers rental of apartments fully equipped for  a day, a week or a month in the Crimea and Ukraine, corresponding to all budgets, and hotels, whatever the city where you want to go.

We have selected the hotels that offer the best parity "quality-price". We recommend you to browse through our site dedicated to the Ukraine and the Crimea. Emotions, wonderful memories, new friends and a wish to come back every year. Ukraine waits for you to be discovered.

Why to choose a trip to Kiev with Ukraine voyage ?

Kiev is not so difficult to reach if you go there by plane. There are so many sights in this magnificent capital of the Eastern Europe. In winter, as well as in spring, in summer and in autumn, we will try to help you discover the charms of this city.

Kiev in daytime

There are a lot of museums in Kiev and its huge parks can provide you with wonderful walks. The city is young and vibrant. In daytime metro is the most comfortable means of transport. Taxi is not the best way to travel about the city during the day as there is a risk to be stuck in traffic jam. The main avenue of Kiev is closed to traffic at weekends. Pedestrians walk there as they wish. 

Kiev in the evening and at night

There are plenty of restaurants: Ukrainian specialities, of course, but also Russian, Georgian, Armenian ones, for all the tastes and at any time. Young city, student city, active city, the capital doesn't sleep a lot. Numerous performances are offered in the National Opera House. Over the recent years the hottest clubs compete in the audacity in order to attract the youth of Kiev.

No visa for European tourists

Facilitated by the abolition of visas for the European tourists, a trip to Ukraine will allow you to discover  the host country, in its unique cultural heritage and a variety of amazing sceneries. Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, Odessa but also the Crimea and its perfect climate will leave you unforgettable memories. In Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Evpatoria one will have a warm welcome, especially the English speaking foreigners from the Western Europe, possessing a very positive image for Ukrainians. Club ukraine also organises your business trips to the Crimea and Ukraine and helps you to maximise your return on investment.

Specialists of Ukraine we live right here and accept you all year long

We work in Ukraine and only in Ukraine. Also, we want you to come here, we want you to be satisfied and we want you to be informed about it. Your vacation, or business-trip, is important. Don't be mistaken about it... A French settled in the Crimea who has lived here for 8 years with my English-speaking team, we are at your service. In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 different institutions gave us their confidence: the French Football Federation, the French Press Agency, the French Senate, the Embassy of France in Kiev, the Navy, the Regional Council of Languedoc Roussillon, IHEDN (Institution of Higher National Defense Studies), the Brigade of Savoy and Association of the friends of Napoleon III for the historical reconstruction of the battle of Alma, Sheremetiev museum of Sevastopol, several hundreds of tourists on vacation in Ukraine. Club Ukraine is empowered by the Consulate of France in Kiev for filings for obtaining Schengen visas.